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The same old lunch can get so boring and predictable but now when placing an order with We Cater you also receive a free sandwich with any online corporate catering order of $125 or more. Many other suppliers speak endlessly about putting the customer first and providing the best service but here at We Cater we believe in going beyond mere words. Therefore you have a solemn guarantee that whenever you order for $125 or more we will include a sandwich which has been separately wrapped and marked specifically for you. This is just one other way in which we endeavour to provide our loyal customers with additional and very tangible value when they do business with us.


In order to qualify for a free sandwich lunch orders has to be placed online from our corporate catering menu and the customer has to specify delivery between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM and such orders has to be for a minimum amount of $125 or more. There is one more condition no free sandwich lunches could be substituted for other products and neither can this sandwich lunch be deemed for cash or for any other form of discount. Regardless of how much a person or business may order only one free sandwich lunch will be allotted per person per day without any exceptions whatsoever.


At We Cater we do everything possible to accommodate our customers and therefore we offer a wide range of high quality and exceptional products. Whether you fancy pizza or pasta or whatsoever else we will ensure that it is delivered to you as soon as possible after your order has been received. Online ordering is becoming an increasingly popular means of doing business and it is also the quickest and therefore as soon as your order has been received and processed delivery will be really quick. We deliver our products to all sizes of business and corporations unlike other catering companies who are only focusing on the large corporations. Do not hesitate to give We Cater a call if you have any questions regarding our products and service.

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