Yum! We just can’t get enough of our Deli Rolls and it appears you can’t either because these cute little rolls are fast becoming our number one sandwich choice. Featuring an exciting mix of freshly baked rolls in white, grain and rye, each is delightfully soft, fluffy and filling too. Talking about fillings, we’ve got something for everyone, from vegan-friendly salad with interesting options, and then we’ve got our home-grown procured meat varieties with only the very best cuts. We’ve got fish and some exciting twists too. Don’t miss out, the Brisk Deli Rolls aren’t just any old roll, they’re a genuine culinary experience!

The Specifics

  • Priced Per Roll
  • We cater for 10% vegetarian
  • The bread has no dairy so vegan options are available
  • We recommend 2 rolls per person

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