Petit four cakes and brownies box

Petit four cakes and brownies box

Mixed selection of mini two bite signature cakes & Brownies including: - Vegan carrot & walnut cake with cinnamon cashew cream & toffee walnut - Vegan chocolate cake with rich chocolate ganache - Vegan red velvet cake with cashew cream - Vegan hazelnut chocolate ganache cake with hazelnut orb - Vegan blueberry and fudgy chocolate brownie (LG) - Vegan peanut butter and chocolate fudgy brownie (LG) - Vegan roasted walnut and choc fudgy brownie (LG) - Vegan vanilla bean cookie dough blondie slice (LG) - Low Gluten - Gluten Free recipe but can contain traces of gluten as our kitchen makes other products which contains gluten

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