With more and more people choosing a vegan way of life (and even non-vegans appreciating the goodness and flavours of vegan-friendly food) we’ve brought you our Vegan Box which features everything you’d like to tuck into at lunch (or anytime of the day). Beautifully packaged with care in a completely environmentally friendly box get your vegan treats! We’ve got one Vegan Baguette Roll (in the crunchiest, crumbliest baguette bread with a really light and fluffy filling), one colourful Chef’s selection Vegan Salad (all home-grown and ultra-fresh, as you’d expect), a Vegan Protein Ball (all the flavour, no animal product whatsoever) and a piece of fresh, home-grown seasonal fruit. Mouth-watering!

Each box contains:

  • Mango Chia Pudding 
  • Piece of Fruit
  • Baguette with Vegan Fillings
  • Vegan Salad Box
  • Vegan Protein Ball

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